It is well known that having a clean scalp promotes the growth of healthy hair. But as the caretaker of your hair, your job does not end there. Implementing a protective routine is extremely beneficial as this helps reduce damage to those clean strands.

Protecting your hair can look different depending on what method of protection you choose. Regardless of the method, satin scrunchies are a must have for all hair types in my opinion as the fabric gently coddles your hair strands, reduces friction without leaving a crease or dent at the location you tie your hair, and helps keep the moisture in your hair since this material does not absorb. Ultimately satin scrunchies help prevent breakage to your hair, thus promoting healthy hair.


My personal favorite protection method includes detangling wet conditioned hair with a flexi brush, using satin scrunchies to tie my hair, sleeping on a satin pillowcase every night, and using a satin bonnet to help my wash and go last longer before I have to wash my hair again.


A little Tip

Avoid playing with your hair too much. Definitely do not pull or tug on the hair. Over touching can cause breakage as you are applying unnecessary mechanical damage to your strands. Let's remember that hair is already constantly rubbing on clothes, bed sheets, pillowcases, and it gets pulled to some degree when washing, combing, and styling. So why add more stressors that can be avoided.

For my curly heads, I know many of us love to play with the little hairs in the back near the neck, then we eventually grab a random piece elsewhere and start twirling it between our fingers. Please refrain from doing any of these actions lol. I'm also guilty of this at times but you cannot keep tugging at your hair and expect it to remain nice, long and luscious all the time.

Stay Fantabulous!!!


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