Healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. Think of your hair as a plant and your scalp is the soil. Therefore, a well maintained and healthy scalp is a good base for healthy hair to grow from.

The point is to create an environment where your hair can flourish. Keep in mind that first and foremost, having a healthy body definitely plays a big role in keeping your scalp and hair healthy. This is true because the body provides nutrients to your hair. But bringing reinforcements from the outside of the body is also necessary to keep that hair health flowing and thriving. This is especially important in cases where the body cannot provide enough nutrients from the inside or in cases where some of us are missing certain vitamins and/or mineral. Let’s remember that the body prioritizes vital organs before hair follicles. That is why hair suffers when the body is under threat. In other words, bringing some nutrition that can be absorbed through your scalp can help curb hair deficiencies.


External reinforcements include using natural oils to feed and lubricate your scalp - this can be gently massaging oil on the scalp the night before wash day, and/or incorporating a little oil in your styling routine - doing a deep conditioning treatment, a protein treatment, or a hair mask. Opt for natural, clean beauty products keeping in mind that the scalp absorbs what we put on it.


A little Tip

"When massaging the scalp, always use the tips of your fingers and not your nails. Fingernails can damage your cuticles which ultimately weakens the hair, making it more susceptible to breakage. 

For this reason, you also should not scratch your scalp with fingernails or any other sharp object; scratching can also result in cuts in the scalp.

When you look at your hair, you are essentially looking at the cuticles. Similarly, when you touch your hair, you are touching the cuticles; cuticles are the outer protective layer of the hair strands, and they actually look like fish scales under a microscope."

Stay Fantabulous!!!


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