About Us

We Are Clean

Coyalz Haircare is driven to bring you clean, safe, high-quality products to care for your hair. We aim to give your scalp and hair the best chance to thrive naturally.

We Are Natural

Our formulas are plant-based and made from natural ingredients, free from harmful substances. After all, Love your Hair and it will Love you back.

Our Promise

To create high quality, plant-based products that are safe for people and our planet. No questionable ingredients will be found in our formulations.

NO Questionable Ingredients

Questionable ingredients our products NEVER have - NO silicones, NO mineral oil, NO sulfates, NO phthalates, NO parabens, NO formaldehyde, NO artificial color, and NO artificial fragrance.

Meet owner and founder Cynthia Romain

Instead of boring you with a long paragraph, I’ll get straight to the point and tell you I am someone who has had a passion for haircare since I was 9 years old.

I’ve given myself countless haircuts and tried so many hairstyles to understand and explore my hair in different ways. Though I knew that someday I would have my own haircare brand, it took a pandemic to finally get me moving.

When I recovered from COVID-19 in March 2021, I experienced hair loss a month later. It was a terrifying time for me. There was no better time to try out the Klere Hair oil formula that I'd been working on. To my surprise, the oil helped curb most of my hair loss by protecting my strands and nourishing my scalp. This product proved to be so effective that now, I shed even less hair than I normally did before I got sick. I said “God…it is time”.

I founded Coyalz Haircare to bring you clean, natural, and premium ingredients packed in products designed to work with your hair and not alter it. I care deeply about hair health and what we feed our scalp now more than ever; If I won’t put it on my hair, then I won’t put it in yours.

This ended up being longer than intended lol. But, I want all my readers to know that all hair is beautiful, so take care of your hair, and especially, take care of your scalp.

Stay Fantabulous ^-^